The Spirit

25 May

There was this lad, brought up by his parents to have high ideals. They were a relatively poor family but devoted to the moral teachings of their religion. They were in a land which was run by people whose religion seemed to be about grasping power over others and gaining wealth for oneself at all costs; and sadly, even their religious leaders got caught up in this spirit of selfishness, and were more concerned with the petty rituals and rules of their religion than with its high ideal: a vision of a perfect and happy community.

When he grew up and after he had spent sometime working in his local village, this lad became a young enthusiast, working for the ideal community of love and exemplifying it in his own life. The more he spoke of his ideas and the more he showered love on the people he met, so the number of people who followed him grew, and he hoped that they might understand what he was about; but many of them liked the idea as long as it didn’t upset their own way of living – so some of the scholars and religious leaders didn’t much go for what he had to say.

As his ideas developed and the crowds began to follow him towards the capital and centre of religious and secular authority, he realised that the people there, were not just going to be upset, but they would connive to silence him once and for all. So he tried to say to people, that to follow him was daring and dangerous and could upset their lives – it would be really hard, though it would be for the overall good. He himself was possessed by the spirit of the ideal he had received as a child – by the call from God to show love to others, and he began to establish a community of love for all – the kingdom of God.

Yes, he was arrested and executed, but, you know, he lives on in us who have the same Spirit; and we find it hard also, yet we must pray, and live to make this Kingdom come.

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