Gospel truth ?

18 May

The word “Gospel” in common parlance may well mean it’s true, but in a Christian context it means (also) good news (which is it’s etymological meaning).  It always refers to some statement, and surely must be true if it is good news.  However we can be quite confident that John’s Gospel written late in the 1st century is not historically accurate through and through.  The passage we have today which is part of a much much longer section is presented as a sermon of Jesus, which surely is not literally what He said.  However it is an important part of the New Testament inspired by God and is from one of the four gospels – the Good News.

Notice that there is a ‘challenging’ statement in the passage John 17:9, which can help us think carefully about what the Good News means.  Jesus in this sermon says ” I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours.”  If we are not careful this could mean that Jesus is not concerned about all people but only these disciples (or even only Christians)  and surely we wont take this to mean that only such people belong to God,  Noticing this can strengthen our belief that God loves all people (every thing) not just the Church goers.  This we know but can overlook.

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