Who are we

4 May

The reading from 1 Peter, reminded me of the organisation of the church. The leaders needed to have pointed out to them people they should be caring about. Even then I notice that the helpers (deacons) they commission to do this are all men, and are set apart with some sort of ritual ‘ordination.’ But the structure isn’t that important, it is the vibrancy of the response to peoples’ needs that counts. And nowadays, especially in our Catholic church, it is the people who show the gentleness and concern of Christ for others -and I guess a good number of them are female.

Some of us miss our weekly prayer service – the mass -, but while that needs an ordained priest, we can still ‘meet’ (digitally) and celebrate and pray. Indeed who would even deny that in this online community there is a real presence of Christ gathered. This has been revealed (more clearly) in our present ‘lock-down’ situation.   We do believe, as Christians, that by taking on humanity (at the incarnation) and dying and moving on to the risen life, Christ is in all humanity – in all but sin. So especially as we care for all others to the extent that we can, we are the presence of Christ in the world – sometimes called the body of Christ, like the body of workers in our parishes who pray together and help others as far as they are able. Yes, let our ‘leaders’ worry about deacons, and deaconesses – about hierarchy and structure and married priests – but don’t forget who we are – truly the real presence of Christ in the world.

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