See and act

13 Apr

We, living at this time, have evidence in our surroundings of elevated life – from microbes to atoms, from animals to us humans – life that is risen has evolved (arisen) from the past.  In people it is the goodness seen in their way of living especially with others that is the evidence of the resurrection. This is the overall case despite wounds and failings and at times the evil absence of how things should be (like corona virus). There can be a lack of love which for us humans is a wound in our humanity – a deficiency in this evolving universe.  But there is a role for you and me to play: we must hear what we are told and see what we are shown by the risen Christ, in and through whom humanity is sustained, redeemed and elevated to what it should (and in the end will) be!  The great goodness that is shown in the NHS staff, in people throughout the land, is clear evidence of the good there is in the world – let us, in some way, try to be part of this!  See and act!

You might like to listen to Evertthing is beautiful.

One Response to “See and act”

  1. Frank Rochford April 17, 2020 at 3:42 pm #

    the beauty of our universe as acknowledged in the first creation story ( Genesis) has not been given pride of place in the teaching of the Church down the ages. Francis of Assisi stands out as a beacon of reality as Pope Francis states clearly in his encyclical. So why this virus? Who is to blame?Where is God in all this. Is man himself somehow to blame Questions , No answers. But the day to day experience is one of a world where the goodness of the many is there to see; where the peoples of the world have a common identity, brothers and sisters , God’s children, the world as one.Will we ever learn? The aftermath will tell.

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