Risen life

6 Apr

Jesus is God – is divine, but also a man – shares our humanity – an unimaginable combination. Belief in His resurrection after death is not acceptance of some event of the past – limited to time – a time long ago. Now He lives on in humanity – that is, in all living creatures here on earth (and maybe elsewhere in our universe for all we know). We need to believe in this present risen life of Jesus within all creation but much more important we need to use our freedom to express this belief in the way we live here, and so help to make resurrection real and meaningful – What an honour and tough task!

The many accounts of the appearance of Jesus after His death to early Christians developed the form of expression we now have – that is a doctrine of ‘facts.’ But, what is often overlooked, resurrection also challenges us – it gives us a moral code of how we should live.  Doctrines as statements of what we believe are painless to accept verbally as in our creed, but useless on their own; they need the behavioural moral consequences which are such a struggle for us to practice all the time throughout our lives.

I, personally, see the beginnings of this consequence in the tale of Mary Magdalene who sees Jesus in the ordinary gardener by the tomb of Jesus, and in the story of some disciples travelling to Emmaus recognising Christ in the ignorant stranger they invited to their evening meal.  In all our ordinary human encounters we must try to realise the many encounters we have with other people – face to face, or in any modern means of communication.  That way we make a contribution in our time to the timeless unity of Divinity and Humanity in Jesus which is our belief in His resurrection. Let us renew our efforst to live out our belief and what the Easter celebration is all about!

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