Pass it on

2 Mar

The call that we have (perhaps as Christians) is more like a vocation. But in the long story of the Bible the call that Abraham had, and its development is also seen as a gift and blessing. As in all stories this is expressed in narrative form in order to capture its significance – God says to Abram “I will bless you.”   And thereafter his descendants experienced blessing but also difficulties when this was needed for their progress. Then in the early days of Jesus’ believers this blessing is called a grace which will bring suffering /difficulties and yet lead to life beyond death – immortality. This is the stage we are at now with its grace, its need to move on and its suffering and even death, prior to immortality. It has been passed on and has developed from the earliest times and passed on to us today. The whole earth and its inhabitants is transformed through Christ and immortality is there for us – God is in every positive reality, especially in fellow humans.   We should see God especially in others – as the story of Jesus’ transfiguration revealed His reality to His disciples. We must live aware of this, treat others accordingly and help to pass it on.

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