Make me aware

24 Feb

If something is tempting then at least we are aware of it and indeed it might not actually be ‘sinful’ though we Christians often associated temptation with sin. See if you can think of things that you are attracted to which are quite ok! But we are sometimes tempted by what we shouldn’t be thinking or doing and these we have to avoid. If there is a habit of this it can be difficult to eradicate. I remember someone pointing out that if you get rid of the first letter of a habit you still have a bit; and if you get rid of the first letter of that it is still there – (it was Sister Blount at Craiglockhart College who said this). But also we should be aware of temptations we don’t even recognise as such – for this reason I can’t tell you what such temptations I have, I need someone else to make me aware!

When I was teaching a Primary class, once before morning break I told the class that when they came back there would be a piece of paper on each desk but they were not to turn it over to see what it said. When they came back after break I looked at the class and said “someone has turned their paper over and read it.” I could tell by their reactions who had done this. It said “remember Adam and Eve and the forbidden apple tree!” And that was what my lesson was about.

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