Stick at it

15 Oct

I am sure that you do some good deeds sometimes. You speak with someone you notice is ignored by people and looks lonely. This is good, but you may discover she is tiresome – maybe boring and not appreciative or too clingy and time-consuming. Is that not the time you might heed the Scriptures and the silent call of God to stick at it? Or maybe you donate to some good cause or needy person; and this is praiseworthy. But then you get bombarded with unwanted appeals and persistent begging letters; or you see no progress at all in the people you had helped. Is it then that you need to stick at it.

Perhaps, like me and all humans, you have some ‘bad’ habits; you may recognise them yourself otherwise just ask a good and honest friend to tell you. It is then that you must attempt to break your bad habit. It is not like breaking anything else – drop a glass and that’s it, betray a friend you’ve lost him. But breaking a bad habit that you have is a long uphill struggle. It’s then you need to be like a toddler learning to walk – you fall again and again but each time get up and carry on.

Think of your own examples in your own time, but God, we are told is timeless and perfect. What He wants of us, his creations, is something of this timelessness in our time of life – doing good and overcoming what is bad – the pursuance of persistence and perseverance.

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