Don’t be too sure

8 Oct

In most of the Old Testament there is a stress on God as god of the ‘chosen people’ as they are called. The difficulty is that if you believe in a God as supreme and the creator of all, it follows that no other god is really a god. We always like to think that what we believe is true and consequently that other beliefs are false – in all things not just religion. This almost seemed emphasised for the early Christians because they we not just different from the ‘pagans’ among whom they lived, but sometimes even persecuted by them. The gospels however, although produced by these early Christians, do illustrate a different attitude of Jesus.

Jesus was a good religious Jew, but he was not subservient to rules or attitudes and ‘normal practices of the Jews. We see this with regard to lepers, Samaritans, even Romans. Should we not think critically about some of the rules, practices and customs of our own church!

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