Have faith in your…

1 Oct

I was going to say have faith in yourself but that sounded rather selfish and hence irreligious. However after considering the three readings (27th Sunday C) it seemed to me that the overall message of them was ‘have faith in yourself’ but the reason and basis for this faith is the relationship God has with us. I will explain with a parallel.

Think of a father or mother taking her small child into the park to go on the swings and the slide. If the child is neglecting the slide, perhaps being somewhat fearful of it, the adult may well have faith in the child and say ‘trust yourself – you can do it!’ and then the child might well have faith in themselves and do it – probably do it again and again with spirit and with joy – and even try it in other parks and steeper slides – full of daring and enjoyment.

God has faith in us – a faith which aims to engender faith in ourselves and lead us to an enthusiasm to do what secretly we all want for the world we live in – to make it good, to help its citizens and to rejoice in its beauty and be in awe of its mystery. Lets try it!   Perhaps I should have called this jotting “Dare to do what God wants of you!’

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