17 Sep

I am quite attracted to the character of Amos, in so far as we know it. Although I am not, and never was, a countryside citizen, yet like him I love how I imagine it was. I see the beautiful hills of Scotland from the front of my house (and have spent many holidays there) and I have a woods and a burn just out of my back garden gate. I am not a poet like he shows himself to be in the words recorded in chapter 8 of his book in the bible, but I do occasionally produce an amateurish short poem. Though I think my similarity and admiration of him, arises from my dislike (to put it mildly) of many business tycoons and entroponeurs who seem to aim to make money out of the needs of ordinary and often poor citizens – a dislike Amos also showed in his ‘prophesying.’

It is quite a revelation and inspiration to think that a person with Amos’ antagonism towards some others can be chosen by God to deliver a message of condemnation of the unsuitable practices of ‘the better-off.’   Although we learn from Jesus to love other people, God probably can turn some of our ‘unfortunate’ attitudes to work for the good of others – even if it means telling off people we don’t really approve of, as long as it contributes to their betterment. What do you think?

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