Good News for us all

10 Sep

Hopefully everyone at some time or other has had something that could amount to being called good news – some joy, some uplift, some vision of a brighter future, some great opportunity, some benefit, some personal enrichment etc.

For Christians all good news is in some way related to and arising from the person and life of Jesus, and from the God He reveals. Good news is to do with love, ours for others, others for us. It is to do with life and its ‘enrichment,’ for us and for those we love. Good news is relief and hope for who we are and who we can become – it is life-changing.

When individuals experiences any of this, to some degree or other, they have to find words to express it. The message of Christianity, from the start and through to the present, when it is at its best, provides words and rituals to express this, and a language, and a community in which to celebrate and rejoice, and to encourage this experience of deep joy – the Good News!

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