God loves everyone!

20 Aug

I think the matter of God’s love of all is important.  Afrer all we cannot suppose that God who creates and maintains every individual has done this so that some of them will be turned away by Him.

I think, the new way of being human, initiated by Jesus (by His incarnation), might be how I can understand Paul’s “neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female” (Gal 3:28). Although this could be taken as the Christian God being superior to all other divinities or objects of worship (in the case of humanists etc.) yet the Christian God should not be seen as that; He emptied himself to become human, he is not just our kind of love incarnate but, as his life shows, it is a selfless, divine love – love for all others people and things. Those who consciously embrace this idea (even accepting Christianity) should love all others and all that is not negative or evil. So a good Christian should love the humanist (who believes in the good of humanity), the Muslim (who worships and obeys what he sees as his God with His requirements), the Hindu (with his many rituals and expressions of God to help make for a good way of living) and so on. This is also the essence of what it is to be Christian, I think, and it is not essentially belonging to a particular ‘religion’ but it is living for the good of others, the love of all humans and of all creation – for what is right and true. After all Jesus wasn’t a Christian, but a Jew.

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