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It doesn’t look good!

13 Aug

(Arising from the readings for the 20th Sunday Cycle C in the Catholic liturgy)

Jesus loved everyone and especially showed kindness to those who were ill or suffered from being different in any way. We must try to be like him – let’s call it universal love – treating every thing and every person in the universe with kindness and care, continually trying to overcome mistakes, mishaps and things that weren’t as they should they be.

I think the same human failing in this affected Jesus. Crowds followed him and were enthusiastic for his message that God loved them and for the healing powers he had. But they were excessively keen for him for the wrong reasons; they saw him as able to free them from the Roman rule they were under and make them a great nation as they imagined they had been. It was this excessive enthusiasm and false kind of love for him that lead to his arrest and eventual execution on the cross.

It seems there is a danger that people may misinterpret what God wants of them? The Jews at the time of Jeremiah thought that God had chosen them and that he meant to see them all right despite threats from neighbouring nations. They had not realised that he wanted them to live as good people respecting others. They hated Jeremiah the prophet who was telling them they would suffer disasters and many of them wanted to be rid of him. Jeremiah was thrown down a well to die.

Not long after the death of Jesus when the early Christians increased in numbers in the Roman Empire, they may well have scorned the pagans who worshipped many gods and held many festivals making various offerings to win their favour. As a consequence like the Jews had suffered from other nations, so the early Christians would be persecuted by the Romans. Luke, in writing his gospel at this time has this in mind when he writes of Jesus predicting the difficulties his followers will have and the troubled times that will come.

We must pause and ask ourselves, are we making mistakes and are those right who foretell the difficulties we are facing on our planet? What should we be doing about it? Love all people – whatever – and care for the environment, cooperating with what God is creating for us


Don’t be so sure

6 Aug

I think there is a trace in all three readings for 19th Sunday Cycle C, of the Jews and the Christians thinking of themselves as special, and I think many Christians still believe that they are favoured by God above others; above atheists and followers of other faiths and beliefs.  Some Christian denominations hold these views more strongly than others.

Many of the stories about Jesus show his regard for everyone as special – as a distinctive creation of God albeit in process – I say in process because God knows that we humans are in a state of becoming, rather than being, completed humans. Indeed the whole universe is in process which is why there are weaknesses in the system and structure of things.  Also there are aspects of every human individuals that are deficient, undeveloped or only in process, not to mention the deliberate ‘mistakes’ or sins that we commit. Christ, of course was aware of this, but also of the potential everyone has.

So I want to bring this undertanding of humanity, of each human being with their beliefs, to our awareness.  The Roman Catholic church with its dogmatic statements, rigid rules and authoritative structure, is in my experience, particularly susceptable to a mistaken view of things.  I want to be more acceptable of the the beliefs and practices of others from other faiths and none.  I wants to recognise the deficiencies or disaster in our world as indications of the ‘not yet finished’ nature of everything or of the dfficiencies arising from human’s free choice.  Surely we should so try.