God’s glory

23 Jul

We don’t so much use the word glory but are more used to the adjective glorioous.  The idea of this adjective today would be expressed by most of us with fantastic, fab. terrific, awesome or we might just say (or blog) Wow!  I might apply it to a game, a goal, a song, a tweet .. you can think of examples yourself.  These examples don’t immediately strike us as religious but… We cathoics at our sunday service, just before the central, main part of it, say or sing “Holy holy holy, Lord God of hosts, (both) heaven and earth are full of your glory.”  I think we can get too used to these words we regularly hear, and I think that they are sometimes disguised by the general style of language in the context of our worship.  But they are saying (we say or even sing) that earth is full of the glory of God.

Yes ,we might think our countryside is fabulous, the mountains and burns are dramatic, the things in museums are amazing, some of the people we live among are really lovely people…  All creation reflects the glory of God, except, of course, the things that are not what God wants, things we and others do that we shouldn’t; and there are still parts of our universe that God has not yet finished creating.  But we still need to remind ourselves  when we meet other peole and see all we see, that God’s glory fills all heaven and earth.


God’s glory fills all heaven and earth.

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