The good person

9 Jul

Some people think that people who are religious are good people; some people might chiefly think that it is Christians who are really good. Within the Catholic church you might expect the priest and those who regularly go to church to be the good people. On the other hand, people often classify others as troublesome or unsuitable people – even trouble makers. They might think this of loud and noisy folk, of scruffy homeless people, maybe even of foreigners or possibly of the very rich and ‘respectable’ business people.

At the time of Jesus these attitudes might well have been held by some Jews especially those in important positions in religion – like priests or teachers. It was the Romans (occupying the land) and the Samaritans (not proper Jews) who were disliked by ‘good’ people. There is a parable attributed to Jesus usually called ‘the good Samaritan.’

Maybe I should examine myself and my attitude to others, because I think of myself as a respectable citizen and even as knowledgeable about theology. Maybe even you need to examine yourself – how do you regard other people?

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