God’s parental love

2 Jul

It is almost impossible to have any idea of just how much God loves us. Like a loving mother with her new offspring, He really loves and cares for us. Even those times when we seem to disappoint Him – he is anxious to forgive us and hopes we will let Him love us lovingly again. Realising this to some extent, we should feel honoured, proud and moved to be as lovable as we can, as often as possible. As He loves us and our world, so we should try to love all we meet and the world we live in. This is God’s attitude to the whole of the universe, loving each according to its kind – loving what it is, from galaxies to micro waves… And it calls on us to respond in love.

I tried to express this in poetry once…

God the start and prop of all,
Everything always, his wish, his idea.
Holding and enlight’ning, throughout our time,
Macro and nano, the mighty and the mere.

We, best creatures, creative and freer,
Our selfish bugs and blunders repeat.

He loves and parents us, with hope & plans,
The maker and mender visions it complete.

So God, my loving parent, I entreat,
Help me show your love, now and here!



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