25 Jun

People used to use the word angel more often than they do nowadays. I can even remember as a child being told after a meal, “be an angel and help me clear the table.” Religious people thought there were angels living in another world that we couldn’t see, but that they would appear sometimes in our world. They were a bit like the fairies in fairytales which we had is children, and which we still tell our children to this day; though some stories are more about aliens that inhabit other planets – some good but many quite aggressive or dangerous.

At the time of Jesus his people believed in angels and had lots of stories about angels in their Bible (our Old Testament). After Jesus, people still believed in angels and good things that happen through them – there are some stories about them in our Christian literature (the New Testament). In the Roman Empire in which Jesus and the first Christians lived, there were people who believed there we these spiritual helpers many of whom they called gods.

A lot of people nowadays like to think that all these beliefs about supernatural beings are poppy cop. However they usually like people to help them and can often help others themselves – they are “being an angel” to them. Whether we believe in them or not I think we should as good human beings be helpful to others and sometimes surprise others by how kind and caring we are – lets all try to be angels!


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